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Edit That - Cinematic Video Editing Bootcamp

Edit That - Cinematic Video Editing Bootcamp

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It's simple to learn the guitar.

Just grab a guitar, sit down for like an hour a few times per week, start with the basics like happy birthday, and within a couple weeks you'll know how to play something.

Now imagine if learning video editing was that easy.

​Well, it is!

​But how?

​With copywork.

​Copywork was a teaching style used back in the early 1900s for writing where students would copy out good writing word for word and mark for mark. In the process, they learn proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure and essentially how to write good.

​Heck, even Benjamin Franklin did it back in the day.

​Anyways, after learning this I always thought that you could easily learn video editing the same way.

Introducing Edit That!

​Edit That is a 14 Day Cinematic Video Editing Bootcamp that is scientifically proven to actually make you a better editor.

​Unlike other courses that focus on how much course content they can shove down your throat, Edit That is different. Edit That focuses on getting you the valuable practice that's needed to actually become a work class editor.

​Don't believe me?

I guarantee that by the end of Edit That you will be a better editor than when you first started. Or I'll give you a full refund. (See our Money Back Guarantee below)

​Now, let explain to you how Edit That works.



We believe in this so much that if you just attempt every assignment of Edit That and don't feel like you didn't learn anything, it wasn't worth it, or just didn't like it, we will give you a full refund!

There's no fine print. That's the deal. Period.

This means you either advance your cinematic editing skills or it's free.

​Fair enough?

How it Works

When you sign up for Edit That, I'll send you 10 email over a 14 Day period.

In each email, you'll find 2 things:

1 Video lesson

1 Editing assignment that you have to copy.

From there, your only job is to watch the lesson and copy the editing assignment. You'll get a reference video to follow and your goal is to get your edit as close to the reference as you can.

We give you all the assets and footage you'll need, don't worry.

Each lesson video is about 7-12 minutes in length and I recommend that you spend about 45 minutes on each assignment. Even if you don't finish it in 45 minutes, move on to the next days assignment.

Spending a little bit of time on each assignment is better than spending hours and hours on one assignment trying to get it perfect.

See what the first day of Edit That looks like!

  • Minutes of Raw Footage to edit

  • Lessons

  • Days

  • Minutes of lessons

  • Minimum Minutes of Dedicated Practice Time

  • Sounds Effects

    (You can use these in other projects)

  • Overlays

    (You can use these in other projects)

  • Percentage of money back if you don't think it was worth it

What We Cover

Edit That focuses on Cinematic Video Editing and not YouTube/Social Media Editing.

Cinematic Video Editing is editing that prioritizes visuals, story telling and rhythm and is not engineered to purely maximize watch time, engagement and likes.

This is the type of editing that is used when doing high budget projects and commercials for companies like Nike, Canon, Jaguar and other big brands.

Things you will be editing:

  • Branded Commercials
  • Product Promotional Videos
  • Narrative Videos
  • Cinematic Travel Films

Things you will not be editing:

  • Vlogs
  • YouTube Videos
  • TikToks/Reels/Shorts
  • Day 1 - Shot Curation

    This is super Underrated! You'll learn how to choose the best shots for edit and what makes a good shot.

    Assignment 1

    Landrover Evoque Commercial

  • Day 2 - Storytelling

    The most important thing you'll learn when it comes to video editing. We teach you what makes a good story, how to tell a better story and why it's so important

    Assignment 2

    Gameboy Commercial

  • Day 3 - Music

    Learn how music affects your videos and how to choose the perfect song.​

    Assignment 3

    Jaguar F-Type Commerical

  • Day 4 - Fast Cut Editing

    Learn how to introduce intensity and power into your video using a fast editing style​

    Assignment 4

    DJI Action Commercial

  • Day 5 - Slow Cut Editing

    Learn how to make your video more emotional with a slow editing style​

    Assignment 5

    Pacific Sands Tofino POV

  • Day 6 - Transitions

    Learn how to add a little flair to your videos through the use of transitions. We give you 3 individual tutorials and assignments to master them!

    Assignment 6

    3 Different Transitions

  • Day 7 - Sound Design

    Sound Design is so underrated. Because of that, we have an entire day dedicated to it.​

    Assignment 7

    Honda Rebel Commercial

  • Day 8 - Practice Day

    You know what they say, practice makes perfect!​

    Assignment 8

    Summit Creative Backpack Commercial

  • Day 9 - Edit Analysis

    We teach you how to break down someone else's editing style so you can do it for yourself!​

    Assignment 9

    Video Edit Analysis

  • Day 10 - Final Day

    We say goodbye and give you a BIG project to edit!​

    Assignment 10

    Nisi VND Commercial

Try Edit That for FREE!

You read that right, there's actually a free version of Edit That!

We give you 3 Free Days that each come with a video lesson as well as an assignment so you can try it out and see if you love it!

Also, the free version of Edit That is available instantly and you can start right away!

If you want to give it a go for yourself click the button below!


How long will this take each day?

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How long will this take every day?

Each lesson is as short as it can be without missing anything. On average the lessons are around 10 minutes in length and from there, you start on the assignment. You can spend as much time as you want on each assignment to really refine your skills; however, we recommend setting aside 45 minutes every day to do them. To be honest you probably won't finish each video to 100% however we are confident you will work on the skills needed for that day and get better no matter what. It's better to spend a little bit of time on each assignment rather than spending all your time on the same assignment trying to get it perfect. Once you go through all the assignments, you are more than welcome to back and finish each assignment to completion!


TL;DR - You can spend as much time on it as you’d like. If you want to go crazy you can.

What skill level is this for?

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What Skill Level is Edit That for?

We designed Edit That to be for all skill levels... Let me explain how.

Because we are getting you to copy our videos, if you're just starting out, you'll probably only be able to get through a certain portion of the video. Maybe you only get the cutting done, and some of the basic sound design. And in the process, you learned a whole bunch and got a lot of practice in. But if you're a more advanced editor you may get much further through the assignment. You may finish the cutting, do the sound design, and lock in all the overlays, and basically polish off the entire video. But in the process, you also learned a bunch but more importantly, you still got the valuable practice that you need to advance your skills.​

Do you see what I mean here? Edit That scales to your skill level so you only really do as much as your skill level will allow.

So if you've been editing for the last 3 years you're going to find this just as valuable as if you started editing yesterday.

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What if I miss a day or am busy a certain day?

Don’t worry! Edit That is just a series of emails that are sent to you each day. If you miss a day you can either do 2 days at once or just continue from where you left off and finish a day later. It’s totally up to you!

However, we do recommend that you try to stay on track. It's just easier that way

Edit That is also designed to be done multiple times so if you want to wait the full 2 weeks and then go back and pick and choose what days you do that’s totally up to you as well.

Why do I not get all the content at once?

Learning takes time. If we give you all the content at once you might binge all of it and not have as good retention of the information. Did you know that it's actually better to learn things over a longer time than try to cram them all in one sitting? We designed Edit That to teach you a little bit, then you try it for yourself, then we teach you a little bit more, then you try it for yourself, rinse and repeat. Day by day. This way you retain more information and as a result learn more.

Why did you make this?

We run into a lot of people who say “I want to get better at video editing but I don’t know what to edit” And that is exactly why we created this. Because we give you all the assignments, all the hard work is removed and you only have to worry about learning the skills. Then you can go off on your own and use the skills you learned here.

How do I know I’ll like it?

Great News! Along with the launch of Edit That we also launched a FREE version of Edit That. The free version is 3 days long and gives you the ability to try it out before you buy.  These 3 free days are not as in-depth as the full version of Edit That, however, they will give you a good gauge of what to expect and also teach you a little bit along the way! If you want to check it out, click HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Danny A
Very Practical

I’ve taken many courses which were great but lacked the ability to let the learner practice what they’ve learnt and most students don’t even have footage to practice with. This gives the learner the ability to experience the journey while learning from their mistakes. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the course.

Mohammed Mejia
I'm overwhelmed

I can tell that you guys put a lot of work into this. It's cool to be able to use your footage to edit videos and see how you work. I'm just overwhelmed. I'm just starting out as an editor and started on premiere pro. But wanted to also try davinci resolve for this course becuase you guys use it too and the lessons were just too much. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work each day it took me a while to get through them. Maybe other people have a different opinion, but I have to give this 3 start, good material, but a little too much for me.

Myron Serrano

LOVED IT! However i did feel at times there was a little too much content, especially for a beginner there were times i felt bogged down. But if you get through it i'd say its awesome!

Asil A.
Greet Course

great course. learned a lot and I tell my friends about it!

Gaston J.
so GOOD!!

Love, love love love loved IT!! Such a great course and way to learn!